Interface DestinationResolver

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All Known Implementing Classes:
BeanFactoryDestinationResolver, DynamicDestinationResolver, JndiDestinationResolver

public interface DestinationResolver

Strategy interface for resolving JMS destinations.

Used by JmsTemplate for resolving destination names from simple Strings to actual Destination implementation instances.

The default DestinationResolver implementation used by JmsTemplate instances is the DynamicDestinationResolver class. Consider using the JndiDestinationResolver for more advanced scenarios.

Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
JmsDestinationAccessor.setDestinationResolver(, DynamicDestinationResolver, JndiDestinationResolver

Method Summary
 Destination resolveDestinationName(Session session, String destinationName, boolean pubSubDomain)
          Resolve the given destination name, either as located resource or as dynamic destination.

Method Detail


Destination resolveDestinationName(Session session,
                                   String destinationName,
                                   boolean pubSubDomain)
                                   throws JMSException
Resolve the given destination name, either as located resource or as dynamic destination.

session - the current JMS Session (may be null if the resolver implementation is able to work without it)
destinationName - the name of the destination
pubSubDomain - true if the domain is pub-sub, false if P2P
the JMS destination (either a topic or a queue)
JMSException - if the JMS Session failed to resolve the destination
DestinationResolutionException - in case of general destination resolution failure