Support classes for Spring's JMS framework.


Interface Summary
CachingDestinationResolver Extension of the DestinationResolver interface, exposing methods for clearing the cache.
DestinationResolver Strategy interface for resolving JMS destinations.

Class Summary
BeanFactoryDestinationResolver DestinationResolver implementation based on a Spring BeanFactory.
DynamicDestinationResolver Simple DestinationResolver implementation resolving destination names as dynamic destinations.
JmsDestinationAccessor Base class for JmsTemplate and other JMS-accessing gateway helpers, adding destination-related properties to JmsAccessor's common properties.
JndiDestinationResolver DestinationResolver implementation which interprets destination names as JNDI locations (with a configurable fallback strategy).

Exception Summary
DestinationResolutionException Thrown by a DestinationResolver when it cannot resolve a destination name.

Package Description

Support classes for Spring's JMS framework.