Interface CacheOperationSource

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractFallbackCacheOperationSource, AnnotationCacheOperationSource, CompositeCacheOperationSource

public interface CacheOperationSource

Interface used by CacheInterceptor. Implementations know how to source cache operation attributes, whether from configuration, metadata attributes at source level, or anywhere else.

Costin Leau

Method Summary
 CacheOperation getCacheOperation(Method method, Class<?> targetClass)
          Return the cache operation definition for this method.

Method Detail


CacheOperation getCacheOperation(Method method,
                                 Class<?> targetClass)
Return the cache operation definition for this method. Return null if the method is not cacheable.

method - method
targetClass - target class. May be null, in which case the declaring class of the method must be used.
CacheOperation the matching cache operation, or null if none found