Class Summary
AbstractCookieValueMethodArgumentResolver A base abstract class to resolve method arguments annotated with @CookieValue.
AbstractNamedValueMethodArgumentResolver Abstract base class for resolving method arguments from a named value.
AbstractNamedValueMethodArgumentResolver.NamedValueInfo Represents the information about a named value, including name, whether it's required and a default value.
AbstractWebArgumentResolverAdapter An abstract base class adapting a WebArgumentResolver to the HandlerMethodArgumentResolver contract.
ErrorsMethodArgumentResolver Resolves Errors method arguments.
ExpressionValueMethodArgumentResolver Resolves method arguments annotated with @Value.
MapMethodProcessor Resolves Map method arguments and handles Map return values.
ModelAttributeMethodProcessor Resolves method arguments annotated with @ModelAttribute and handles return values from methods annotated with @ModelAttribute.
ModelMethodProcessor Resolves Model arguments and handles Model return values.
RequestHeaderMapMethodArgumentResolver Resolves Map method arguments annotated with @RequestHeader.
RequestHeaderMethodArgumentResolver Resolves method arguments annotated with @RequestHeader except for Map arguments.
RequestParamMapMethodArgumentResolver Resolves Map method arguments annotated with an @RequestParam where the annotation does not specify a request parameter name.
RequestParamMethodArgumentResolver Resolves method arguments annotated with @RequestParam, arguments of type MultipartFile in conjunction with Spring's MultipartResolver abstraction, and arguments of type javax.servlet.http.Part in conjunction with Servlet 3.0 multipart requests.
SessionStatusMethodArgumentResolver Resolves a SessionStatus argument by obtaining it from the ModelAndViewContainer.

Exception Summary
MethodArgumentNotValidException Thrown when validation on an argument annotated with @Valid fails.