Package org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.method.annotation

Class Summary
ExceptionHandlerExceptionResolver An AbstractHandlerMethodExceptionResolver that resolves exceptions through @ExceptionHandler methods.
ExtendedServletRequestDataBinder Subclass of ServletRequestDataBinder that adds URI template variables to the values used for data binding.
RequestMappingHandlerAdapter An AbstractHandlerMethodAdapter that supports HandlerMethods with the signature -- method argument and return types, defined in @RequestMapping.
RequestMappingHandlerMapping Creates RequestMappingInfo instances from type and method-level @RequestMapping annotations in @Controller classes.
ServletInvocableHandlerMethod Extends InvocableHandlerMethod with the ability to handle the value returned from the method through a registered HandlerMethodArgumentResolver that supports the given return value type.
ServletRequestDataBinderFactory Creates a ServletRequestDataBinder.