Annotation Type ComponentScan.Filter

public static @interface ComponentScan.Filter

Declares the type filter to be used as an include filter or exclude filter.

Required Element Summary
 Class<?>[] value
          The class or classes to use as the filter.
Optional Element Summary
 FilterType type
          The type of filter to use.

Element Detail


public abstract Class<?>[] value
The class or classes to use as the filter. In the case of FilterType.ANNOTATION, the class will be the annotation itself. In the case of FilterType.ASSIGNABLE_TYPE, the class will be the type that detected components should be assignable to. And in the case of FilterType.CUSTOM, the class will be an implementation of TypeFilter.

When multiple classes are specified, OR logic is applied, e.g. "include types annotated with @Foo OR @Bar".

Specifying zero classes is permitted but will have no effect on component scanning.


public abstract FilterType type
The type of filter to use.

Note that the filter types available are limited to those that may be expressed as a Class in the value() attribute. This is in contrast to <context:component-scan/>, which allows for expression-based (i.e., string-based) filters such as AspectJ pointcuts. These filter types are intentionally not supported here, and not available in the FilterType enum.

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