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Annotation Type RequestParam

public @interface RequestParam

Annotation which indicates that a method parameter should be bound to a web request parameter. Supported for annotated handler methods in Servlet and Portlet environments.

If the method parameter type is Map and a request parameter name is specified, then the request parameter value is converted to a Map assuming an appropriate conversion strategy is available.

If the method parameter is Map<String, String> or MultiValueMap<String, String> and a parameter name is not specified, then the map parameter is populated with all request parameter names and values.

Arjen Poutsma, Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
RequestMapping, RequestHeader, CookieValue, RequestMappingHandlerAdapter, AnnotationMethodHandlerAdapter, AnnotationMethodHandlerAdapter

Optional Element Summary
 java.lang.String defaultValue
          The default value to use as a fallback.
 boolean required
          Whether the parameter is required.
 java.lang.String value
          The name of the request parameter to bind to.


public abstract java.lang.String value
The name of the request parameter to bind to.



public abstract boolean required
Whether the parameter is required.

Default is true, leading to an exception thrown in case of the parameter missing in the request. Switch this to false if you prefer a null in case of the parameter missing.

Alternatively, provide a defaultValue, which implicitly sets this flag to false.



public abstract java.lang.String defaultValue
The default value to use as a fallback. Supplying a default value implicitly sets required() to false.


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