Welcome to the Spring Framework reference documentation!

Please read the Overview for a quick introduction including brief history, design philosophy, where to ask questions, and tips to get started. For information on "What’s New", or "Migrating from previous versions", check the Github Wiki.

The reference documentation is divided into several sections:


IoC container, Events, Resources, i18n, Validation, Data Binding, Type Conversion, SpEL, AOP.


Mock objects, TestContext framework, Spring MVC Test, WebTestClient.

Data Access

Transactions, DAO support, JDBC, ORM, Marshalling XML.

Web Servlet

Spring MVC, WebSocket, SockJS, STOMP messaging.

Web Reactive

Spring WebFlux, WebClient, WebSocket.


Remoting, JMS, JCA, JMX, Email, Tasks, Scheduling, Cache.


Kotlin, Groovy, Dynamic languages.