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javax.servlet.Filter that converts posted method parameters into HTTP methods, retrievable via HttpServletRequest#getMethod(). Since browsers currently only support GET and POST, a common technique - used by the Prototype library, for instance - is to use a normal POST with an additional hidden form field (_method) to pass the "real" HTTP method along. This filter reads that parameter and changes the HttpServletRequestWrapper#getMethod() return value accordingly.

The name of the request parameter defaults to _method, but can be adapted via the methodParam property.

NOTE: This filter needs to run after multipart processing in case of a multipart POST request, due to its inherent need for checking a POST body parameter. So typically, put a Spring org.springframework.web.multipart.support.MultipartFilter before this HiddenHttpMethodFilter in your web.xml filter chain.

Arjen Poutsma

Juergen Hoeller