Class AspectMetadata

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public class AspectMetadata extends Object implements Serializable
Metadata for an AspectJ aspect class, with an additional Spring AOP pointcut for the per clause.

Uses AspectJ 5 AJType reflection API, enabling us to work with different AspectJ instantiation models such as "singleton", "pertarget" and "perthis".

Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller
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  • Constructor Details

    • AspectMetadata

      public AspectMetadata(Class<?> aspectClass, String aspectName)
      Create a new AspectMetadata instance for the given aspect class.
      aspectClass - the aspect class
      aspectName - the name of the aspect
  • Method Details

    • getAjType

      public AjType<?> getAjType()
      Return AspectJ reflection information.
    • getAspectClass

      public Class<?> getAspectClass()
      Return the aspect class.
    • getAspectName

      public String getAspectName()
      Return the aspect name.
    • getPerClausePointcut

      public Pointcut getPerClausePointcut()
      Return a Spring pointcut expression for a singleton aspect. (e.g. Pointcut.TRUE if it's a singleton).
    • isPerThisOrPerTarget

      public boolean isPerThisOrPerTarget()
      Return whether the aspect is defined as "perthis" or "pertarget".
    • isPerTypeWithin

      public boolean isPerTypeWithin()
      Return whether the aspect is defined as "pertypewithin".
    • isLazilyInstantiated

      public boolean isLazilyInstantiated()
      Return whether the aspect needs to be lazily instantiated.