Class DynamicMethodMatcher

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public abstract class DynamicMethodMatcher extends Object implements MethodMatcher
Convenient abstract superclass for dynamic method matchers, which do care about arguments at runtime.
Rod Johnson
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    • DynamicMethodMatcher

      public DynamicMethodMatcher()
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    • isRuntime

      public final boolean isRuntime()
      Description copied from interface: MethodMatcher
      Is this MethodMatcher dynamic, that is, must a final call be made on the MethodMatcher.matches(java.lang.reflect.Method, Class, Object[]) method at runtime even if the 2-arg matches method returns true?

      Can be invoked when an AOP proxy is created, and need not be invoked again before each method invocation,

      Specified by:
      isRuntime in interface MethodMatcher
      whether or not a runtime match via the 3-arg MethodMatcher.matches(java.lang.reflect.Method, Class, Object[]) method is required if static matching passed
    • matches

      public boolean matches(Method method, Class<?> targetClass)
      Can override to add preconditions for dynamic matching. This implementation always returns true.
      Specified by:
      matches in interface MethodMatcher
      method - the candidate method
      targetClass - the target class
      whether or not this method matches statically