Class BeanConfigurerSupport

All Implemented Interfaces:
Aware, BeanFactoryAware, DisposableBean, InitializingBean

public class BeanConfigurerSupport extends Object implements BeanFactoryAware, InitializingBean, DisposableBean
Convenient base class for bean configurers that can perform Dependency Injection on objects (however they may be created). Typically subclassed by AspectJ aspects.

Subclasses may also need a custom metadata resolution strategy, in the BeanWiringInfoResolver interface. The default implementation looks for a bean with the same name as the fully-qualified class name. (This is the default name of the bean in a Spring XML file if the 'id' attribute is not used.)

Rob Harrop, Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller, Adrian Colyer
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    • logger

      protected final Log logger
      Logger available to subclasses.
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    • BeanConfigurerSupport

      public BeanConfigurerSupport()
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