Interface HierarchicalMessageSource

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AbstractMessageSource, AbstractResourceBasedMessageSource, DelegatingMessageSource, ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource, ResourceBundleMessageSource, StaticMessageSource

public interface HierarchicalMessageSource extends MessageSource
Sub-interface of MessageSource to be implemented by objects that can resolve messages hierarchically.
Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller
  • Method Details

    • setParentMessageSource

      void setParentMessageSource(@Nullable MessageSource parent)
      Set the parent that will be used to try to resolve messages that this object can't resolve.
      parent - the parent MessageSource that will be used to resolve messages that this object can't resolve. May be null, in which case no further resolution is possible.
    • getParentMessageSource

      @Nullable MessageSource getParentMessageSource()
      Return the parent of this MessageSource, or null if none.