Class InstrumentationSavingAgent


public final class InstrumentationSavingAgent extends Object
Java agent that saves the Instrumentation interface from the JVM for later use.
Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller
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  • Method Details

    • premain

      public static void premain(String agentArgs, Instrumentation inst)
      Save the Instrumentation interface exposed by the JVM.
    • agentmain

      public static void agentmain(String agentArgs, Instrumentation inst)
      Save the Instrumentation interface exposed by the JVM. This method is required to dynamically load this Agent with the Attach API.
    • getInstrumentation

      public static Instrumentation getInstrumentation()
      Return the Instrumentation interface exposed by the JVM.

      Note that this agent class will typically not be available in the classpath unless the agent is actually specified on JVM startup. If you intend to do conditional checking with respect to agent availability, consider using InstrumentationLoadTimeWeaver.getInstrumentation() instead - which will work without the agent class in the classpath as well.

      the Instrumentation instance previously saved when the premain(java.lang.String, java.lang.instrument.Instrumentation) or agentmain(java.lang.String, java.lang.instrument.Instrumentation) methods was called by the JVM; will be null if this class was not used as Java agent when this JVM was started or it wasn't installed as agent using the Attach API.
      See Also:
      • InstrumentationLoadTimeWeaver.getInstrumentation()