Class IdTimestampMessageHeaderInitializer

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public class IdTimestampMessageHeaderInitializer extends Object implements MessageHeaderInitializer
A MessageHeaderInitializer to customize the strategy for ID and TIMESTAMP message header generation.
Rossen Stoyanchev
  • Constructor Details

    • IdTimestampMessageHeaderInitializer

      public IdTimestampMessageHeaderInitializer()
  • Method Details

    • setIdGenerator

      public void setIdGenerator(@Nullable IdGenerator idGenerator)
      Configure the IdGenerator strategy to initialize MessageHeaderAccessor instances with.

      By default this property is set to null in which case the default IdGenerator of MessageHeaders is used.

      To have no ids generated at all, see setDisableIdGeneration().

    • getIdGenerator

      @Nullable public IdGenerator getIdGenerator()
      Return the configured IdGenerator, if any.
    • setDisableIdGeneration

      public void setDisableIdGeneration()
      A shortcut for calling setIdGenerator(org.springframework.util.IdGenerator) with an id generation strategy to disable id generation completely.
    • setEnableTimestamp

      public void setEnableTimestamp(boolean enableTimestamp)
      Whether to enable the automatic addition of the MessageHeaders.TIMESTAMP header on MessageHeaderAccessor instances being initialized.

      By default this property is set to false.

    • isEnableTimestamp

      public boolean isEnableTimestamp()
      Return whether the timestamp header is enabled or not.
    • initHeaders

      public void initHeaders(MessageHeaderAccessor headerAccessor)
      Description copied from interface: MessageHeaderInitializer
      Initialize the given MessageHeaderAccessor.
      Specified by:
      initHeaders in interface MessageHeaderInitializer
      headerAccessor - the MessageHeaderAccessor to initialize