Interface TestContextBootstrapper

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractTestContextBootstrapper, DefaultTestContextBootstrapper, WebTestContextBootstrapper

public interface TestContextBootstrapper
TestContextBootstrapper defines the SPI for bootstrapping the Spring TestContext Framework.

A TestContextBootstrapper is used by the TestContextManager to get the TestExecutionListeners for the current test and to build the TestContext that it manages.


A custom bootstrapping strategy can be configured for a test class (or test class hierarchy) via @BootstrapWith, either directly or as a meta-annotation.

If a bootstrapper is not explicitly configured via @BootstrapWith, either the DefaultTestContextBootstrapper or the WebTestContextBootstrapper will be used, depending on the presence of @WebAppConfiguration.

Implementation Notes

Concrete implementations must provide a public no-args constructor.

WARNING: this SPI will likely change in the future in order to accommodate new requirements. Implementers are therefore strongly encouraged not to implement this interface directly but rather to extend AbstractTestContextBootstrapper or one of its concrete subclasses instead.

Sam Brannen
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