Class HiddenHttpMethodFilter

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public class HiddenHttpMethodFilter extends Object implements WebFilter
Reactive WebFilter that converts posted method parameters into HTTP methods, retrievable via HttpRequest.getMethod(). Since browsers currently only support GET and POST, a common technique is to use a normal POST with an additional hidden form field (_method) to pass the "real" HTTP method along. This filter reads that parameter and changes the HttpRequest.getMethod() return value using ServerWebExchange.mutate().

The name of the request parameter defaults to _method, but can be adapted via the methodParamName property.

Greg Turnquist, Rossen Stoyanchev
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      public static final String DEFAULT_METHOD_PARAMETER_NAME
      Default name of the form parameter with the HTTP method to use.
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  • Constructor Details

    • HiddenHttpMethodFilter

      public HiddenHttpMethodFilter()
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    • setMethodParamName

      public void setMethodParamName(String methodParamName)
      Set the name of the form parameter with the HTTP method to use.

      By default this is set to "_method".

    • filter

      public reactor.core.publisher.Mono<Void> filter(ServerWebExchange exchange, WebFilterChain chain)
      Transform an HTTP POST into another method based on methodParamName.
      Specified by:
      filter in interface WebFilter
      exchange - the current server exchange
      chain - provides a way to delegate to the next filter
      Mono<Void> to indicate when request processing is complete