Class DefaultServletHttpRequestHandler

All Implemented Interfaces:
Aware, ServletContextAware, HttpRequestHandler

public class DefaultServletHttpRequestHandler extends Object implements HttpRequestHandler, ServletContextAware
An HttpRequestHandler for serving static files using the Servlet container's "default" Servlet.

This handler is intended to be used with a "/*" mapping when the DispatcherServlet is mapped to "/", thus overriding the Servlet container's default handling of static resources. The mapping to this handler should generally be ordered as the last in the chain so that it will only execute when no other more specific mappings (i.e., to controllers) can be matched.

Requests are handled by forwarding through the RequestDispatcher obtained via the name specified through the "defaultServletName" property. In most cases, the defaultServletName does not need to be set explicitly, as the handler checks at initialization time for the presence of the default Servlet of well-known containers such as Tomcat, Jetty, Resin, WebLogic and WebSphere. However, when running in a container where the default Servlet's name is not known, or where it has been customized via server configuration, the defaultServletName will need to be set explicitly.

Jeremy Grelle, Juergen Hoeller