Interface HandshakeHandler

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractHandshakeHandler, DefaultHandshakeHandler, WebSocketTransportHandler

public interface HandshakeHandler
Contract for processing a WebSocket handshake request.
Rossen Stoyanchev
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    • doHandshake

      boolean doHandshake(ServerHttpRequest request, ServerHttpResponse response, WebSocketHandler wsHandler, Map<String,Object> attributes) throws HandshakeFailureException
      Initiate the handshake.
      request - the current request
      response - the current response
      wsHandler - the handler to process WebSocket messages; see PerConnectionWebSocketHandler for providing a handler with per-connection lifecycle.
      attributes - the attributes from the HTTP handshake to associate with the WebSocket session; the provided attributes are copied, the original map is not used.
      whether the handshake negotiation was successful or not. In either case the response status, headers, and body will have been updated to reflect the result of the negotiation
      HandshakeFailureException - thrown when handshake processing failed to complete due to an internal, unrecoverable error, i.e. a server error as opposed to a failure to successfully negotiate the handshake.