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public class NestedServletException extends ServletException
Subclass of ServletException that properly handles a root cause in terms of message and stacktrace, just like NestedChecked/RuntimeException does.

Note that the plain ServletException doesn't expose its root cause at all, neither in the exception message nor in printed stack traces! While this might be fixed in later Servlet API variants (which even differ per vendor for the same API version), it is not reliably available on Servlet 2.4 (the minimum version required by Spring 3.x), which is why we need to do it ourselves.

The similarity between this class and the NestedChecked/RuntimeException class is unavoidable, as this class needs to derive from ServletException.

Juergen Hoeller
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  • Constructor Details

    • NestedServletException

      public NestedServletException(String msg)
      Construct a NestedServletException with the specified detail message.
      msg - the detail message
    • NestedServletException

      public NestedServletException(@Nullable String msg, @Nullable Throwable cause)
      Construct a NestedServletException with the specified detail message and nested exception.
      msg - the detail message
      cause - the nested exception
  • Method Details

    • getMessage

      @Nullable public String getMessage()
      Return the detail message, including the message from the nested exception if there is one.
      getMessage in class Throwable