Uses of Interface

Packages that use EmbeddedValueResolverAware
Classes supporting the org.springframework.context package, such as abstract base classes for ApplicationContext implementations and a MessageSource implementation.
Formatters for java.util.Date properties.
Integration with the JSR-310 java.time package in JDK 8.
Formatters for java.lang.Number properties.
Integration with the JSR-354 package.
Support classes for the formatting package, providing common implementations as well as adapters.
Support classes for working with annotated message-handling methods with non-blocking, reactive contracts.
Support classes for working with annotated RSocket stream handling methods.
Support classes for handling messages from simple messaging protocols (like STOMP).
Java 5 annotation for asynchronous method execution.
Spring's support for annotation-based transaction demarcation.
AOP-based solution for declarative transaction demarcation.
Infrastructure for annotation-based handler method processing.
MVC infrastructure for annotation-based handler method processing, building on the org.springframework.web.method.annotation package.
Support classes for serving static resources.
WebSocket integration for Spring's messaging module.