Class StandardEnvironment

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ConfigurableEnvironment, ConfigurablePropertyResolver, Environment, PropertyResolver
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public class StandardEnvironment extends AbstractEnvironment
Environment implementation suitable for use in 'standard' (i.e. non-web) applications.

In addition to the usual functions of a ConfigurableEnvironment such as property resolution and profile-related operations, this implementation configures two default property sources, to be searched in the following order:

That is, if the key "xyz" is present both in the JVM system properties as well as in the set of environment variables for the current process, the value of key "xyz" from system properties will return from a call to environment.getProperty("xyz"). This ordering is chosen by default because system properties are per-JVM, while environment variables may be the same across many JVMs on a given system. Giving system properties precedence allows for overriding of environment variables on a per-JVM basis.

These default property sources may be removed, reordered, or replaced; and additional property sources may be added using the MutablePropertySources instance available from AbstractEnvironment.getPropertySources(). See ConfigurableEnvironment Javadoc for usage examples.

See SystemEnvironmentPropertySource javadoc for details on special handling of property names in shell environments (e.g. Bash) that disallow period characters in variable names.

Chris Beams, Phillip Webb
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