Interface ThemeSource

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AbstractRefreshableWebApplicationContext, AnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext, DelegatingThemeSource, GenericWebApplicationContext, GroovyWebApplicationContext, ResourceBundleThemeSource, StaticWebApplicationContext, XmlWebApplicationContext

public interface ThemeSource
Interface to be implemented by objects that can resolve Themes. This enables parameterization and internationalization of messages for a given 'theme'.
Jean-Pierre Pawlak, Juergen Hoeller
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  • Method Summary

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    getTheme(String themeName)
    Return the Theme instance for the given theme name.
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    • getTheme

      @Nullable Theme getTheme(String themeName)
      Return the Theme instance for the given theme name.

      The returned Theme will resolve theme-specific messages, codes, file paths, etc (e.g. CSS and image files in a web environment).

      themeName - the name of the theme
      the corresponding Theme, or null if none defined. Note that, by convention, a ThemeSource should at least be able to return a default Theme for the default theme name "theme" but may also return default Themes for other theme names.
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