Package org.springframework.web.servlet.theme

@NonNullApi @NonNullFields package org.springframework.web.servlet.theme
Theme support classes for Spring's web MVC framework. Provides standard ThemeResolver implementations, and a HandlerInterceptor for theme changes.

  • If you don't provide a bean of one of these classes as themeResolver, a FixedThemeResolver will be provided with the default theme name 'theme'.
  • If you use a defined FixedThemeResolver, you will able to use another theme name for default, but the users will stick on this theme.
  • With a CookieThemeResolver or SessionThemeResolver, you can allow the user to change his current theme.
  • Generally, you will put in the themes resource bundles the paths of CSS files, images and HTML constructs.
  • For retrieving themes data, you can either use the spring:theme tag in JSP or access via the RequestContext for other view technologies.
  • The pagedlist demo application uses themes