Class AbstractInterceptorDrivenBeanDefinitionDecorator

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public abstract class AbstractInterceptorDrivenBeanDefinitionDecorator extends Object implements BeanDefinitionDecorator
Base implementation for BeanDefinitionDecorators wishing to add an interceptor to the resulting bean.

This base class controls the creation of the ProxyFactoryBean bean definition and wraps the original as an inner-bean definition for the target property of ProxyFactoryBean.

Chaining is correctly handled, ensuring that only one ProxyFactoryBean definition is created. If a previous BeanDefinitionDecorator already created the ProxyFactoryBean then the interceptor is simply added to the existing definition.

Subclasses have only to create the BeanDefinition to the interceptor that they wish to add.

Rob Harrop, Juergen Hoeller
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  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractInterceptorDrivenBeanDefinitionDecorator

      public AbstractInterceptorDrivenBeanDefinitionDecorator()
  • Method Details

    • decorate

      public final BeanDefinitionHolder decorate(Node node, BeanDefinitionHolder definitionHolder, ParserContext parserContext)
      Description copied from interface: BeanDefinitionDecorator
      Parse the specified Node (either an element or an attribute) and decorate the supplied BeanDefinition, returning the decorated definition.

      Implementations may choose to return a completely new definition, which will replace the original definition in the resulting BeanFactory.

      The supplied ParserContext can be used to register any additional beans needed to support the main definition.

      Specified by:
      decorate in interface BeanDefinitionDecorator
    • getInterceptorNameSuffix

      protected String getInterceptorNameSuffix(BeanDefinition interceptorDefinition)
    • createInterceptorDefinition

      protected abstract BeanDefinition createInterceptorDefinition(Node node)
      Subclasses should implement this method to return the BeanDefinition for the interceptor they wish to apply to the bean being decorated.