Class PropertyAccessException

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Direct Known Subclasses:
MethodInvocationException, TypeMismatchException

public abstract class PropertyAccessException extends BeansException
Superclass for exceptions related to a property access, such as type mismatch or invocation target exception.
Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller
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  • Constructor Details

    • PropertyAccessException

      public PropertyAccessException(PropertyChangeEvent propertyChangeEvent, String msg, @Nullable Throwable cause)
      Create a new PropertyAccessException.
      propertyChangeEvent - the PropertyChangeEvent that resulted in the problem
      msg - the detail message
      cause - the root cause
    • PropertyAccessException

      public PropertyAccessException(String msg, @Nullable Throwable cause)
      Create a new PropertyAccessException without PropertyChangeEvent.
      msg - the detail message
      cause - the root cause
  • Method Details

    • getPropertyChangeEvent

      @Nullable public PropertyChangeEvent getPropertyChangeEvent()
      Return the PropertyChangeEvent that resulted in the problem.

      May be null; only available if an actual bean property was affected.

    • getPropertyName

      @Nullable public String getPropertyName()
      Return the name of the affected property, if available.
    • getValue

      @Nullable public Object getValue()
      Return the affected value that was about to be set, if any.
    • getErrorCode

      public abstract String getErrorCode()
      Return a corresponding error code for this type of exception.