Class DebuggingClassWriter


public class DebuggingClassWriter extends ClassVisitor
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    • DebuggingClassWriter

      public DebuggingClassWriter(int flags)
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    • visit

      public void visit(int version, int access, String name, String signature, String superName, String[] interfaces)
      Description copied from class: ClassVisitor
      Visits the header of the class.
      visit in class ClassVisitor
      version - the class version. The minor version is stored in the 16 most significant bits, and the major version in the 16 least significant bits.
      access - the class's access flags (see Opcodes). This parameter also indicates if the class is deprecated Opcodes.ACC_DEPRECATED or a record Opcodes.ACC_RECORD.
      name - the internal name of the class (see Type.getInternalName()).
      signature - the signature of this class. May be null if the class is not a generic one, and does not extend or implement generic classes or interfaces.
      superName - the internal of name of the super class (see Type.getInternalName()). For interfaces, the super class is Object. May be null, but only for the Object class.
      interfaces - the internal names of the class's interfaces (see Type.getInternalName()). May be null.
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      public String getClassName()
    • getSuperName

      public String getSuperName()
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      public byte[] toByteArray()