Class MethodFilterTransformer

public class MethodFilterTransformer extends AbstractClassTransformer
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    • visitMethod

      public MethodVisitor visitMethod(int access, String name, String desc, String signature, String[] exceptions)
      Description copied from class: ClassVisitor
      Visits a method of the class. This method must return a new MethodVisitor instance (or null) each time it is called, i.e., it should not return a previously returned visitor.
      visitMethod in class ClassVisitor
      access - the method's access flags (see Opcodes). This parameter also indicates if the method is synthetic and/or deprecated.
      name - the method's name.
      desc - the method's descriptor (see Type).
      signature - the method's signature. May be null if the method parameters, return type and exceptions do not use generic types.
      exceptions - the internal names of the method's exception classes (see Type.getInternalName()). May be null.
      an object to visit the byte code of the method, or null if this class visitor is not interested in visiting the code of this method.
    • setTarget

      public void setTarget(ClassVisitor target)
      setTarget in class AbstractClassTransformer