Class MappingJackson2SmileHttpMessageConverter

All Implemented Interfaces:
GenericHttpMessageConverter<Object>, HttpMessageConverter<Object>

public class MappingJackson2SmileHttpMessageConverter extends AbstractJackson2HttpMessageConverter
Implementation of HttpMessageConverter that can read and write Smile data format ("binary JSON") using the dedicated Jackson 2.x extension.

By default, this converter supports "application/x-jackson-smile" media type. This can be overridden by setting the supportedMediaTypes property.

The default constructor uses the default configuration provided by Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder.

Compatible with Jackson 2.9 to 2.12, as of Spring 5.3.

Sebastien Deleuze
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    • MappingJackson2SmileHttpMessageConverter

      public MappingJackson2SmileHttpMessageConverter()
      Construct a new MappingJackson2SmileHttpMessageConverter using default configuration provided by Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder.
    • MappingJackson2SmileHttpMessageConverter

      public MappingJackson2SmileHttpMessageConverter(ObjectMapper objectMapper)
      Construct a new MappingJackson2SmileHttpMessageConverter with a custom ObjectMapper (must be configured with a SmileFactory instance). You can use Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder to build it easily.
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