Interface AotContextLoader

All Superinterfaces:
ContextLoader, SmartContextLoader
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractDelegatingSmartContextLoader, AbstractGenericContextLoader, AbstractGenericWebContextLoader, AnnotationConfigContextLoader, AnnotationConfigWebContextLoader, DelegatingSmartContextLoader, GenericGroovyXmlContextLoader, GenericGroovyXmlWebContextLoader, GenericXmlContextLoader, GenericXmlWebContextLoader, WebDelegatingSmartContextLoader

public interface AotContextLoader extends SmartContextLoader
Strategy interface for loading an ApplicationContext for build-time AOT processing as well as run-time AOT execution for an integration test managed by the Spring TestContext Framework.

AotContextLoader is an extension of the SmartContextLoader SPI that allows a context loader to optionally provide ahead-of-time (AOT) support.

As of Spring Framework 6.0, AOT infrastructure requires that an AotContextLoader create a GenericApplicationContext for both build-time processing and run-time execution.

Sam Brannen