Class SimpleTransactionStatus

All Implemented Interfaces:
Flushable, SavepointManager, TransactionExecution, TransactionStatus

public class SimpleTransactionStatus extends AbstractTransactionStatus
A simple TransactionStatus implementation. Derives from AbstractTransactionStatus and adds an explicit "newTransaction" flag.

This class is not used by any of Spring's pre-built PlatformTransactionManager implementations. It is mainly provided as a start for custom transaction manager implementations and as a static mock for testing transactional code (either as part of a mock PlatformTransactionManager or as argument passed into a TransactionCallback to be tested).

Juergen Hoeller
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  • Constructor Details

    • SimpleTransactionStatus

      public SimpleTransactionStatus()
      Create a new SimpleTransactionStatus instance, indicating a new transaction.
    • SimpleTransactionStatus

      public SimpleTransactionStatus(boolean newTransaction)
      Create a new SimpleTransactionStatus instance.
      newTransaction - whether to indicate a new transaction
  • Method Details

    • isNewTransaction

      public boolean isNewTransaction()
      Description copied from interface: TransactionExecution
      Return whether the present transaction is new; otherwise participating in an existing transaction, or potentially not running in an actual transaction in the first place.