Interface EntityManagerFactoryInfo

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractEntityManagerFactoryBean, LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean, LocalEntityManagerFactoryBean

public interface EntityManagerFactoryInfo
Metadata interface for a Spring-managed JPA EntityManagerFactory.

This facility can be obtained from Spring-managed EntityManagerFactory proxies through casting the EntityManagerFactory handle to this interface.

Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller
  • Method Details

    • getPersistenceProvider

      @Nullable PersistenceProvider getPersistenceProvider()
      Return the underlying PersistenceProvider that the underlying EntityManagerFactory was created with.
      the PersistenceProvider used to create this EntityManagerFactory, or null if the standard JPA provider autodetection process was used to configure the EntityManagerFactory
    • getPersistenceUnitInfo

      @Nullable PersistenceUnitInfo getPersistenceUnitInfo()
      Return the PersistenceUnitInfo used to create this EntityManagerFactory, if the in-container API was used.
      the PersistenceUnitInfo used to create this EntityManagerFactory, or null if the in-container contract was not used to configure the EntityManagerFactory
    • getPersistenceUnitName

      @Nullable String getPersistenceUnitName()
      Return the name of the persistence unit used to create this EntityManagerFactory, or null if it is an unnamed default.

      If getPersistenceUnitInfo() returns non-null, the result of getPersistenceUnitName() must be equal to the value returned by PersistenceUnitInfo.getPersistenceUnitName().

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    • getDataSource

      @Nullable DataSource getDataSource()
      Return the JDBC DataSource that this EntityManagerFactory obtains its JDBC Connections from.
      the JDBC DataSource, or null if not known
    • getEntityManagerInterface

      @Nullable Class<? extends EntityManager> getEntityManagerInterface()
      Return the (potentially vendor-specific) EntityManager interface that this factory's EntityManagers will implement.

      A null return value suggests that autodetection is supposed to happen: either based on a target EntityManager instance or simply defaulting to jakarta.persistence.EntityManager.

    • getJpaDialect

      @Nullable JpaDialect getJpaDialect()
      Return the vendor-specific JpaDialect implementation for this EntityManagerFactory, or null if not known.
    • getBeanClassLoader

      ClassLoader getBeanClassLoader()
      Return the ClassLoader that the application's beans are loaded with.

      Proxies will be generated in this ClassLoader.

    • getNativeEntityManagerFactory

      EntityManagerFactory getNativeEntityManagerFactory()
      Return the raw underlying EntityManagerFactory.
      the unadorned EntityManagerFactory (never null)
    • createNativeEntityManager

      EntityManager createNativeEntityManager(@Nullable Map<?,?> properties)
      Create a native JPA EntityManager to be used as the framework-managed resource behind an application-level EntityManager handle.

      This exposes a native EntityManager from the underlying native EntityManagerFactory, taking JpaVendorAdapter.postProcessEntityManager(EntityManager) into account.

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