Class FileEditor

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public class FileEditor extends PropertyEditorSupport
Editor for, to directly populate a File property from a Spring resource location.

Supports Spring-style URL notation: any fully qualified standard URL ("file:", "http:", etc) and Spring's special "classpath:" pseudo-URL.

NOTE: The behavior of this editor has changed in Spring 2.0. Previously, it created a File instance directly from a filename. As of Spring 2.0, it takes a standard Spring resource location as input; this is consistent with URLEditor and InputStreamEditor now.

NOTE: In Spring 2.5 the following modification was made. If a file name is specified without a URL prefix or without an absolute path then we try to locate the file using standard ResourceLoader semantics. If the file was not found, then a File instance is created assuming the file name refers to a relative file location.

Juergen Hoeller, Thomas Risberg
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