Class SimpleServletPostProcessor

All Implemented Interfaces:
Aware, BeanPostProcessor, DestructionAwareBeanPostProcessor, ServletConfigAware, ServletContextAware

public class SimpleServletPostProcessor extends Object implements DestructionAwareBeanPostProcessor, ServletContextAware, ServletConfigAware
BeanPostProcessor that applies initialization and destruction callbacks to beans that implement the Servlet interface.

After initialization of the bean instance, the Servlet init method will be called with a ServletConfig that contains the bean name of the Servlet and the ServletContext that it is running in.

Before destruction of the bean instance, the Servlet destroy will be called.

Note that this post-processor does not support Servlet initialization parameters. Bean instances that implement the Servlet interface are supposed to be configured like any other Spring bean, that is, through constructor arguments or bean properties.

For reuse of a Servlet implementation in a plain Servlet container and as a bean in a Spring context, consider deriving from Spring's HttpServletBean base class that applies Servlet initialization parameters as bean properties, supporting both the standard Servlet and the Spring bean initialization style.

Alternatively, consider wrapping a Servlet with Spring's ServletWrappingController. This is particularly appropriate for existing Servlet classes, allowing to specify Servlet initialization parameters etc.

Juergen Hoeller
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