Class DefaultListableBeanFactory

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, BeanFactory, AutowireCapableBeanFactory, ConfigurableBeanFactory, ConfigurableListableBeanFactory, SingletonBeanRegistry, HierarchicalBeanFactory, ListableBeanFactory, BeanDefinitionRegistry, AliasRegistry

Spring's default implementation of the ConfigurableListableBeanFactory and BeanDefinitionRegistry interfaces: a full-fledged bean factory based on bean definition metadata, extensible through post-processors.

Typical usage is registering all bean definitions first (possibly read from a bean definition file), before accessing beans. Bean lookup by name is therefore an inexpensive operation in a local bean definition table, operating on pre-resolved bean definition metadata objects.

Note that readers for specific bean definition formats are typically implemented separately rather than as bean factory subclasses: see for example XmlBeanDefinitionReader.

For an alternative implementation of the ListableBeanFactory interface, have a look at StaticListableBeanFactory, which manages existing bean instances rather than creating new ones based on bean definitions.

16 April 2001
Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller, Sam Brannen, Costin Leau, Chris Beams, Phillip Webb, Stephane Nicoll
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