Class MissingRequestValueException

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, ErrorResponse
Direct Known Subclasses:
MissingMatrixVariableException, MissingPathVariableException, MissingRequestCookieException, MissingRequestHeaderException, MissingServletRequestParameterException

public class MissingRequestValueException extends ServletRequestBindingException
Base class for ServletRequestBindingException exceptions that could not bind because the request value is required but is either missing or otherwise resolves to null after conversion.
Rossen Stoyanchev
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  • Constructor Details

    • MissingRequestValueException

      public MissingRequestValueException(String msg)
      Constructor with a message only.
    • MissingRequestValueException

      public MissingRequestValueException(String msg, boolean missingAfterConversion)
      Constructor with a message and a flag that indicates whether a value was present but became null after conversion.
    • MissingRequestValueException

      protected MissingRequestValueException(String msg, boolean missingAfterConversion, @Nullable String messageDetailCode, @Nullable Object[] messageDetailArguments)
      Constructor with a given ProblemDetail, and a MessageSource code and arguments to resolve the detail message with.
  • Method Details

    • isMissingAfterConversion

      public boolean isMissingAfterConversion()
      Whether the request value was present but converted to null, e.g. via