Interface ScriptTemplateConfig

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public interface ScriptTemplateConfig
Interface to be implemented by objects that configure and manage a JSR-223 ScriptEngine for automatic lookup in a web environment. Detected and used by ScriptTemplateView.
Sebastien Deleuze
  • Method Details

    • getEngine

      @Nullable ScriptEngine getEngine()
      Return the ScriptEngine to use by the views.
    • getEngineSupplier

      @Nullable Supplier<ScriptEngine> getEngineSupplier()
      Return the engine supplier that will be used to instantiate the ScriptEngine.
    • getEngineName

      @Nullable String getEngineName()
      Return the engine name that will be used to instantiate the ScriptEngine.
    • isSharedEngine

      @Nullable Boolean isSharedEngine()
      Return whether to use a shared engine for all threads or whether to create thread-local engine instances for each thread.
    • getScripts

      @Nullable String[] getScripts()
      Return the scripts to be loaded by the script engine (library or user provided).
    • getRenderObject

      @Nullable String getRenderObject()
      Return the object where the render function belongs (optional).
    • getRenderFunction

      @Nullable String getRenderFunction()
      Return the render function name (optional). If not specified, the script templates will be evaluated with ScriptEngine.eval(String, Bindings).
    • getCharset

      @Nullable Charset getCharset()
      Return the charset used to read script and template files.
    • getResourceLoaderPath

      @Nullable String getResourceLoaderPath()
      Return the resource loader path(s) via a Spring resource location.