Class OperatorBetween

All Implemented Interfaces:
Opcodes, SpelNode

public class OperatorBetween extends Operator
Represents the between operator. The left operand to between must be a single value and the right operand must be a list - this operator returns true if the left operand is between (using the registered comparator) the two elements in the list. The definition of between being inclusive follows the SQL BETWEEN definition.
Andy Clement
  • Constructor Details

    • OperatorBetween

      public OperatorBetween(int startPos, int endPos, SpelNodeImpl... operands)
  • Method Details

    • getValueInternal

      public BooleanTypedValue getValueInternal(ExpressionState state) throws EvaluationException
      Returns a boolean based on whether a value is in the range expressed. The first operand is any value whilst the second is a list of two values - those two values being the bounds allowed for the first operand (inclusive).
      Specified by:
      getValueInternal in class SpelNodeImpl
      state - the expression state
      true if the left operand is in the range specified, false otherwise
      EvaluationException - if there is a problem evaluating the expression