Class SQLStateSQLExceptionTranslator

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public class SQLStateSQLExceptionTranslator extends AbstractFallbackSQLExceptionTranslator
SQLExceptionTranslator implementation that analyzes the SQL state in the SQLException based on the first two digits (the SQL state "class"). Detects standard SQL state values and well-known vendor-specific SQL states.

Not able to diagnose all problems, but is portable between databases and does not require special initialization (no database vendor detection, etc.). For more precise translation, consider SQLErrorCodeSQLExceptionTranslator.

Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller, Thomas Risberg
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  • Constructor Details

    • SQLStateSQLExceptionTranslator

      public SQLStateSQLExceptionTranslator()
  • Method Details

    • doTranslate

      @Nullable protected DataAccessException doTranslate(String task, @Nullable String sql, SQLException ex)
      Description copied from class: AbstractFallbackSQLExceptionTranslator
      Template method for actually translating the given exception.

      The passed-in arguments will have been pre-checked. Furthermore, this method is allowed to return null to indicate that no exception match has been found and that fallback translation should kick in.

      Specified by:
      doTranslate in class AbstractFallbackSQLExceptionTranslator
      task - readable text describing the task being attempted
      sql - the SQL query or update that caused the problem (if known)
      ex - the offending SQLException
      the DataAccessException, wrapping the SQLException; or null if no exception match found