Interface CallbackPreferringPlatformTransactionManager

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PlatformTransactionManager, TransactionManager

public interface CallbackPreferringPlatformTransactionManager extends PlatformTransactionManager
Extension of the PlatformTransactionManager interface, exposing a method for executing a given callback within a transaction.

Implementors of this interface automatically express a preference for callbacks over programmatic getTransaction, commit and rollback calls. Calling code may check whether a given transaction manager implements this interface to choose to prepare a callback instead of explicit transaction demarcation control.

Spring's TransactionTemplate and TransactionInterceptor detect and use this PlatformTransactionManager variant automatically.

Juergen Hoeller
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    • execute

      @Nullable <T> T execute(@Nullable TransactionDefinition definition, TransactionCallback<T> callback) throws TransactionException
      Execute the action specified by the given callback object within a transaction.

      Allows for returning a result object created within the transaction, that is, a domain object or a collection of domain objects. A RuntimeException thrown by the callback is treated as a fatal exception that enforces a rollback. Such an exception gets propagated to the caller of the template.

      definition - the definition for the transaction to wrap the callback in
      callback - the callback object that specifies the transactional action
      a result object returned by the callback, or null if none
      TransactionException - in case of initialization, rollback, or system errors
      RuntimeException - if thrown by the TransactionCallback