Uses of Interface

Packages that use HttpStatusCode
Contains a basic abstraction over client/server-side HTTP.
Contains an abstraction over client-side HTTP.
Abstractions for reactive HTTP client support including ClientHttpRequest and ClientHttpResponse as well as a ClientHttpConnector.
Contains an abstraction over server-side HTTP.
Abstractions for reactive HTTP server support including a ServerHttpRequest and ServerHttpResponse along with an HttpHandler for processing.
Mock implementations of client-side HTTP abstractions.
Mock implementations of reactive HTTP client contracts.
Contains built-in ResponseCreator implementations.
Support for testing Spring WebFlux server endpoints via WebTestClient.
Common, generic interfaces that define minimal boundary points between Spring's web infrastructure and other framework modules.
Provides web-specific data binding functionality.
Core package of the client-side web support.
Support for asynchronous request processing.
Provides generic filter base classes allowing for bean-style configuration.
Common infrastructure for handler method processing, as used by Spring MVC's org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.method package.
Generic support classes for handler method processing.
Support classes for the multipart resolution framework.
Provides a reactive WebClient that builds on top of the org.springframework.http.client.reactive reactive HTTP adapter layer.
Classes supporting the org.springframework.web.reactive.function.client package.
Provides the types that make up Spring's functional web framework for Reactive environments.
Provides HandlerMapping implementations including abstract base classes.
Infrastructure for annotation-based handler method processing.
Support for result handling through view resolution.
Core interfaces and classes for Spring's generic, reactive web support.
Provides common WebHandler implementations and a WebHandlerDecorator.
Provides servlets that integrate with the application context infrastructure, and the core interfaces and classes for the Spring web MVC framework.
Annotation-based setup for Spring MVC.
Provides the types that make up Spring's functional web framework for Servlet environments.
Standard controller implementations for the Servlet MVC framework that comes with Spring.
MVC infrastructure for annotation-based handler method processing, building on the org.springframework.web.method.annotation package.
Provides standard View and ViewResolver implementations, including abstract base classes for custom implementations.
TransportHandler implementation classes as well as a concrete SockJsService.