Interface ServerHttpRequest

All Superinterfaces:
HttpInputMessage, HttpMessage, HttpRequest
All Known Implementing Classes:
RequestPartServletServerHttpRequest, ServletServerHttpRequest

public interface ServerHttpRequest extends HttpRequest, HttpInputMessage
Represents a server-side HTTP request.
Arjen Poutsma, Rossen Stoyanchev
  • Method Details

    • getPrincipal

      @Nullable Principal getPrincipal()
      Return a Principal instance containing the name of the authenticated user.

      If the user has not been authenticated, the method returns null.

    • getLocalAddress

      InetSocketAddress getLocalAddress()
      Return the address on which the request was received.
    • getRemoteAddress

      InetSocketAddress getRemoteAddress()
      Return the address of the remote client.
    • getAsyncRequestControl

      ServerHttpAsyncRequestControl getAsyncRequestControl(ServerHttpResponse response)
      Return a control that allows putting the request in asynchronous mode so the response remains open until closed explicitly from the current or another thread.