Annotation Interface RegisterReflectionForBinding

Indicates that the classes specified in the annotation attributes require some reflection hints for binding or reflection-based serialization purposes. For each class specified, hints on constructors, fields, properties, record components, including types transitively used on properties and record components are registered. At least one class must be specified in the value or classes annotation attributes.

The annotated element can be a configuration class — for example:

 @RegisterReflectionForBinding({ Foo.class, Bar.class })
 public class MyConfig {
     // ...

The annotated element can be any Spring bean class, constructor, field, or method — for example:

 public class MyService {

     public void process() {
         // ...


The annotated element can also be any test class that uses the Spring TestContext Framework to load an ApplicationContext.

Sebastien Deleuze
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  • Optional Element Summary

    Optional Elements
    Modifier and Type
    Optional Element
    Classes for which reflection hints should be registered.
    Alias for classes().