Class CandidateComponentsIndex


public class CandidateComponentsIndex extends Object
Provide access to the candidates that are defined in META-INF/spring.components.

An arbitrary number of stereotypes can be registered (and queried) on the index: a typical example is the fully qualified name of an annotation that flags the class for a certain use case. The following call returns all the @Component candidate types for the com.example package (and its sub-packages):

 Set<String> candidates = index.getCandidateTypes(
         "com.example", "org.springframework.stereotype.Component");

The type is usually the fully qualified name of a class, though this is not a rule. Similarly, the stereotype is usually the fully qualified name of a target type but it can be any marker really.

Stephane Nicoll
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    • getCandidateTypes

      public Set<String> getCandidateTypes(String basePackage, String stereotype)
      Return the candidate types that are associated with the specified stereotype.
      basePackage - the package to check for candidates
      stereotype - the stereotype to use
      the candidate types associated with the specified stereotype or an empty set if none has been found for the specified basePackage