Class ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource.PropertiesHolder

Enclosing class:

protected class ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource.PropertiesHolder extends Object
PropertiesHolder for caching. Stores the last-modified timestamp of the source file for efficient change detection, and the timestamp of the last refresh attempt (updated every time the cache entry gets re-validated).
  • Constructor Details

    • PropertiesHolder

      public PropertiesHolder()
    • PropertiesHolder

      public PropertiesHolder(Properties properties, long fileTimestamp)
  • Method Details

    • getProperties

      @Nullable public Properties getProperties()
    • getFileTimestamp

      public long getFileTimestamp()
    • setRefreshTimestamp

      public void setRefreshTimestamp(long refreshTimestamp)
    • getRefreshTimestamp

      public long getRefreshTimestamp()
    • getProperty

      @Nullable public String getProperty(String code)
    • getMessageFormat

      @Nullable public MessageFormat getMessageFormat(String code, Locale locale)