Uses of Interface

Packages that use DataBufferFactory
Encoder and Decoder abstractions to convert between a reactive stream of bytes and Java objects.
Generic abstraction for working with byte buffer implementations.
Contains a basic abstraction over client/server-side HTTP.
Abstractions for reactive HTTP client support including ClientHttpRequest and ClientHttpResponse as well as a ClientHttpConnector.
Provides implementations of Encoder and Decoder for web use.
CBOR encoder and decoder support.
JSON encoder and decoder support.
Multipart support.
Provides an encoder and a decoder for Google Protocol Buffers.
XML encoder and decoder support.
Abstractions for reactive HTTP server support including a ServerHttpRequest and ServerHttpResponse along with an HttpHandler for processing.
Support for the RSocket protocol.
Mock implementations of reactive HTTP client contracts.
Mock implementations of reactive HTTP server contracts.
Provides extensible support for initializing databases through scripts.
Abstractions and support classes for reactive WebSocket interactions.
Classes adapting Spring's Reactive WebSocket API to and from WebSocket runtimes.
Client support for WebSocket interactions.