Class MappingJackson2SmileHttpMessageConverter

All Implemented Interfaces:
GenericHttpMessageConverter<Object>, HttpMessageConverter<Object>

public class MappingJackson2SmileHttpMessageConverter extends AbstractJackson2HttpMessageConverter
Implementation of HttpMessageConverter that can read and write Smile data format ("binary JSON") using the dedicated Jackson 2.x extension.

By default, this converter supports "application/x-jackson-smile" media type. This can be overridden by setting the supportedMediaTypes property.

The default constructor uses the default configuration provided by Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder.

Sebastien Deleuze
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    • MappingJackson2SmileHttpMessageConverter

      public MappingJackson2SmileHttpMessageConverter()
      Construct a new MappingJackson2SmileHttpMessageConverter using default configuration provided by Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder.
    • MappingJackson2SmileHttpMessageConverter

      public MappingJackson2SmileHttpMessageConverter(ObjectMapper objectMapper)
      Construct a new MappingJackson2SmileHttpMessageConverter with a custom ObjectMapper (must be configured with a SmileFactory instance). You can use Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder to build it easily.
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