Class AbstractMessageEndpointFactory.AbstractMessageEndpoint

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protected abstract class AbstractMessageEndpointFactory.AbstractMessageEndpoint extends Object implements MessageEndpoint
Inner class for actual endpoint implementations, based on template method to allow for any kind of concrete endpoint implementation.
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractMessageEndpoint

      protected AbstractMessageEndpoint()
  • Method Details

    • beforeDelivery

      public void beforeDelivery(@Nullable Method method) throws ResourceException
      This beforeDelivery implementation starts a transaction, if necessary, and exposes the endpoint ClassLoader as current thread context ClassLoader.

      Note that the JCA 1.7 specification does not require a ResourceAdapter to call this method before invoking the concrete endpoint. If this method has not been called (check hasBeforeDeliveryBeenCalled()), the concrete endpoint method should call beforeDelivery and its sibling afterDelivery() explicitly, as part of its own processing.

      Specified by:
      beforeDelivery in interface MessageEndpoint
    • getEndpointClassLoader

      protected abstract ClassLoader getEndpointClassLoader()
      Template method for exposing the endpoint's ClassLoader (typically the ClassLoader that the message listener class has been loaded with).
      the endpoint ClassLoader (never null)
    • hasBeforeDeliveryBeenCalled

      protected final boolean hasBeforeDeliveryBeenCalled()
      Return whether the beforeDelivery(java.lang.reflect.Method) method of this endpoint has already been called.
    • onEndpointException

      protected void onEndpointException(Throwable ex)
      Callback method for notifying the endpoint base class that the concrete endpoint invocation led to an exception.

      To be invoked by subclasses in case of the concrete endpoint throwing an exception.

      ex - the exception thrown from the concrete endpoint
    • afterDelivery

      public void afterDelivery() throws ResourceException
      This afterDelivery implementation resets the thread context ClassLoader and completes the transaction, if any.

      Note that the JCA 1.7 specification does not require a ResourceAdapter to call this method after invoking the concrete endpoint. See the explanation in beforeDelivery(java.lang.reflect.Method)'s javadoc.

      Specified by:
      afterDelivery in interface MessageEndpoint
    • release

      public void release()
      Specified by:
      release in interface MessageEndpoint