Class StandardJmsActivationSpecFactory

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public class StandardJmsActivationSpecFactory extends Object implements JmsActivationSpecFactory
Standard implementation of the JmsActivationSpecFactory interface. Supports the standard JMS properties as defined by the JMS 1.5 specification (Appendix B); ignores Spring's "maxConcurrency" and "prefetchSize" settings.

The 'activationSpecClass' property is required, explicitly defining the fully-qualified class name of the provider's ActivationSpec class (e.g. "org.apache.activemq.ra.ActiveMQActivationSpec").

Check out DefaultJmsActivationSpecFactory for an extended variant of this class, supporting some further default conventions beyond the plain JMS 1.5 specification.

Juergen Hoeller
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  • Constructor Details

    • StandardJmsActivationSpecFactory

      public StandardJmsActivationSpecFactory()
  • Method Details

    • setActivationSpecClass

      public void setActivationSpecClass(Class<?> activationSpecClass)
      Specify the fully-qualified ActivationSpec class name for the target provider (e.g. "org.apache.activemq.ra.ActiveMQActivationSpec").
    • setDefaultProperties

      public void setDefaultProperties(Map<String,String> defaultProperties)
      Specify custom default properties, with String keys and String values.

      Applied to each ActivationSpec object before it gets populated with listener-specific settings. Allows for configuring vendor-specific properties beyond the Spring-defined settings in JmsActivationSpecConfig.

    • setDestinationResolver

      public void setDestinationResolver(@Nullable DestinationResolver destinationResolver)
      Set the DestinationResolver to use for resolving destination names into the JCA 1.5 ActivationSpec "destination" property.

      If not specified, destination names will simply be passed in as Strings. If specified, destination names will be resolved into Destination objects first.

      Note that a DestinationResolver for use with this factory must be able to work without an active JMS Session: e.g. JndiDestinationResolver or BeanFactoryDestinationResolver but not DynamicDestinationResolver.

    • getDestinationResolver

      @Nullable public DestinationResolver getDestinationResolver()
      Return the DestinationResolver to use for resolving destinations names.
    • createActivationSpec

      public ActivationSpec createActivationSpec(ResourceAdapter adapter, JmsActivationSpecConfig config)
      Description copied from interface: JmsActivationSpecFactory
      Create a JCA 1.5 ActivationSpec object based on the given JmsActivationSpecConfig object.
      Specified by:
      createActivationSpec in interface JmsActivationSpecFactory
      adapter - the ResourceAdapter to create an ActivationSpec object for
      config - the configured object holding common JMS settings
      the provider-specific JCA ActivationSpec object, representing the same settings
    • determineActivationSpecClass

      @Nullable protected Class<?> determineActivationSpecClass(ResourceAdapter adapter)
      Determine the ActivationSpec class for the given ResourceAdapter, if possible. Called if no 'activationSpecClass' has been set explicitly
      adapter - the ResourceAdapter to check
      the corresponding ActivationSpec class, or null if not determinable
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    • populateActivationSpecProperties

      protected void populateActivationSpecProperties(BeanWrapper bw, JmsActivationSpecConfig config)
      Populate the given ApplicationSpec object with the settings defined in the given configuration object.

      This implementation applies all standard JMS settings, but ignores "maxConcurrency" and "prefetchSize" - not supported in standard JCA 1.5.

      bw - the BeanWrapper wrapping the ActivationSpec object
      config - the configured object holding common JMS settings
    • applyAcknowledgeMode

      protected void applyAcknowledgeMode(BeanWrapper bw, int ackMode)
      Apply the specified acknowledge mode to the ActivationSpec object.

      This implementation applies the standard JCA 1.5 acknowledge modes "Auto-acknowledge" and "Dups-ok-acknowledge". It throws an exception in case of CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE or SESSION_TRANSACTED having been requested.

      bw - the BeanWrapper wrapping the ActivationSpec object
      ackMode - the configured acknowledgment mode (according to the constants in Session)
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