Class JndiPropertySource

public class JndiPropertySource extends PropertySource<JndiLocatorDelegate>
PropertySource implementation that reads properties from an underlying Spring JndiLocatorDelegate.

By default, the underlying JndiLocatorDelegate will be configured with its "resourceRef" property set to true, meaning that names looked up will automatically be prefixed with "java:comp/env/" in alignment with published JNDI naming conventions. To override this setting or to change the prefix, manually configure a JndiLocatorDelegate and provide it to one of the constructors here that accepts it. The same applies when providing custom JNDI properties. These should be specified using JndiAccessor.setJndiEnvironment(java.util.Properties) prior to construction of the JndiPropertySource.

Note that StandardServletEnvironment includes a JndiPropertySource by default, and any customization of the underlying JndiLocatorDelegate may be performed within an ApplicationContextInitializer or WebApplicationInitializer.

Chris Beams, Juergen Hoeller
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